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Amati is an Italian brand founded in 1879 and which specializes in model making and the production of wooden models for model enthusiasts. From the purchase of your scale model, through the realization to the finish, Amati is there and accompanies you every step of the way. Accessories for models, ship models, or model figures, we have selected exceptional Amati products for you. With Amati, do not be afraid to embark on the realization of sublime reproduction of scale models thanks to adapted models and quality model accessories.

With Amati you will find new ways to enrich your achievements. Perfectionism is the watchword of this brand, which wishes to offer you only exceptional products. On this page you will be able to find all the elements necessary for the construction of models. Take advantage of the accessories for model making, figurines and some models of the Amati brand. Each brush, each cutter, each accessory is carefully produced and prepared to guarantee you comfort in the construction of your scale model. All the material necessary for your construction and all the models, at various scales, are offered to you by Rue des Maquettes. A hundred Amati model-making products are now available on our site! Let yourself be tempted by the plausibility of the Amati scale model constructions at Scale Model Boulevard!