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Heller is a French company that manufactures and markets plastic models of different scales. Heller models have been manufactured in France since 1957. Today, more than 300 scale models have been created and are marketed. Heller is known and recognized for its scale models and model making, it is a brand that shines through its excellence through the quality models it offers!

Discover our wide range of war models. Reconstruct the great classics, the most atypical vehicles and even limited series! In complete kits or sold alone, many scale models of boats, vintage cars, motorcycles, tank models or even airplane models are available on our site in different sizes and scales intended for model makers of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in model making, you will find a range that suits you at Heller. Heller adapts to each person in order to always provide the best support for their achievement. There are thus models for beginners which include all the material, the paint and all the parts of the scale model; and models for expert including many parts to assemble.

You will have fun with your scale models to build Heller! On this page, you will be able to find all the elements necessary for the construction of model making. Take advantage of Heller scale model items, Heller scale model paints to add color to your creations, as well as figurines and accessories for all your scale models. Hundreds of Heller model building products are waiting for you now on our site! The professionalism and verisimilitude of Heller scale models are offered to you at Scale Model Boulevard !