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Length: 27 cm. Difficulty level: 2. The DC-3, the most famous of the transport planes, is today...

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Product description : Aircraft model: C-47 Skytrain

Length: 27 cm.
Difficulty level: 2. The DC-3, the most famous of the transport planes, is today known worldwide as DAKOTA. It was used by almost every nation, from the United States to the Soviet Union, by China and by all Allied Forces during World War II. After the conflict, it was used by the airlift in Berlin, Korea, during the Israeli-Arab conflicts, and eventually became famous for its offensive role in Vietnam, under the name of AC-47 “GUNSHIP.” The most important military version of the DC-3 was the C-47 SKYTRAIN. The C-47 could be used for the transport of the troops thanks to folding benches, or for the transport of heavy material
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ITALERI is an Italian company that has been marketing quality plastic models since the 1960s. Initially, this brand wanted to be a specialist in airplane models and military models; but over time it has grown to offer a wide range of quality scale models in order to always meet customer demand. From the purchase of your scale model, through the construction to the painting stage, Italeri accompanies you to help you in the realization of your models. Thus, you can have confidence in this great brand, a pioneer of model airplanes.

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