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You will be seduced by our large number of references in the field of Space and Inventions. You will be able to travel aboard your model spaceship and set off to conquer the universe. Each of our rocket models are perfect replicas of the rockets that have marked our history. Let yourself be seduced by the plausibility of our models at very attractive prices!

Our selections of models

Play the role of the greatest inventors that our history has known and create your own space models. Space models, Star Wars models, a moderate railroad model, or an invented, mythical model, you will be transported on this journey through time. You will realize the perplexity of these machines through our assembly models represented identically to the original. A unique choice of models of rockets, ships, inventions and railroads. At Scale Model Boulevard we take care of our customers by being precise in order to respond to all their requests, and that is why a large number of brands of models are present for enthusiasts. So find Revell, Ugeard, Dam, and many more. The world of inventors will hold no secrets for you.