Acrylic paints

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Find all of our Acrylic paints available on our site and divided between the different brands. Revell, Italeri, Heller ... and all the others are there to meet all your expectations. All you have to do is choose.

Scale Model Boulevard has brought together for you the biggest brands of paints for plastic models, wooden models, metal models, brick or ceramic constructions. Find all Revell, Italeri, Tamiya, or Heller model paints. Also take advantage of the special ranges of Enamel and Lacquer paints.

Find a large number of acrylic paints for models. A varied choice with more than 200 models of acrylic paint distributed among the biggest brands. The bestseller of model paintings is thus at your disposal.

Acrylic paints are highly coveted by model makers, such as to animate model tamiya airplanes. Whether water-based or solvent-based, they are paints that dry very quickly and have a magnificent rendering. Be careful not to dry too quickly!

Acrylic paint also has the advantage of being very easy to work with, it is accessible to everyone. On paper, cardboard, metal ... you can always work in optimal conditions in order to always present the best result.

Acrylic model paints are perfect for detailing and perfecting. Also find all our other paints for models available on our site. See life in color with Scale Model Boulevard.