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Find all our paintings Email available on our site and divided between the different brands. Revell, Italeri, Heller ... and all the others are there to meet all your expectations. All you have to do is choose.

Scale Model Boulevard has brought together for you the biggest brands of paints for plastic models, wooden models, metal models, brick or ceramic constructions. Find all Revell, Italeri, Tamiya, or Heller model paints. Also take advantage of the special ranges of Enamel and Lacquer paints.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the enamel model paint or also called Enamel model paint is a solvent-based paint, it has a slow drying but allows an easier application with a brush and offers a very good covering power. This type of paint is resistant and generally shiny. To your brushes! Scale Model Boulevard offers you a unique choice of email painting through more than 150 references. The Revell model enamel paints or the Humbrol model paints thus have very good adhesion. Enough to make your model airplanes more real than life.

Also find all our other paints for models available on our site. See life in color with Scale Model Boulevard.