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The Interceptor is an Imperial fighter ordered by the Empire from the Sienar shipyards. It is a fighter...

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Product description : Star Wars: TIE Interceptor model kit

The Interceptor is an Imperial fighter ordered by the Empire from the Sienar shipyards. It is a fighter vessel that can compete against the new X-wings and A-wings of the Rebel Alliance. It is faster, more agile and better armed, in particular thanks to these 4 laser cannons which considerably increase its firepower. However, the cost of the unit remains too high to allow a complete renewal of the fleet. Thus, it will never represent more than 20% of the workforce. It was delivered mainly to the best squadrons of the Empire such as the 181st “Saber” squadron. The interceptor was also modified for the needs of the Royal Guard of Palpatine as well as for certain allies of the Empire. to assemble and paint
Number of pieces: 21.
Scale: 1/90.
  • Reference Revell-03603
  • Brand Revell
  • Product code ART0000034917
  • Character Star Wars
  • Recommended age from 10 year
  • Scale 1:90
  • Packaging dimension 25 x 16 x 4 cm
  • Weight 123 g
  • Safety Warning ! Cannot be used by children under 10 years old
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