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The Renown was one of the last British battle cruisers. With her siter-ship the Repulse, she was launched...

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Product description : Ship model: British cruiser HMS Renown 1942

The Renown was one of the last British battle cruisers. With her siter-ship the Repulse, she was launched in 1916 and was at the time the most powerful warship in the world. They were completed towards the end of 1917 and for this reason saw little fire during the great war. But units of this value could not be lost, and together with the Hood, they formed the spearhead of the Home Fleet's rapid squadron throughout the interwar period. The Renown, however, received more attention than its twin, and received two upgrades (the first in 1926-29 focused on DCA and protection - including side ballasts), including a major overhaul in 1936-39. The latter, conducted in Portsmouth, was fairly comprehensive, and they emerged in the early days of the war with a very different gait. At that time, it actually represented the kind of drastic modernization that needed to be applied to the Repulse and the Hood. However, the outbreak of war prevented the realization of this enterprise. In this new configuration, it kept its 6 381 mm pieces, increased in range, and received new superstructures, range finders, radars, a large aviation hangar and a central catapult (withdrawn in 1943), 10 114 mm turrets of the new standard , "pom-pom" Bofors, and new machines allowing her, despite an obvious overweight, to spin more than 31 knots. In 1943 it received a new 40 mm quadruple mount and about twenty additional 20 mm AA guns, the total being 64 in 1944. Its displacement was then 38,400 tons at full load. When he left, he was the one of the mainstays of the Home Fleet in the Atlantic and the North Sea. They will participate in a number of operations, including escort missions in the Atlantic and especially in the North Sea. It survived the conflict and was demolished in 1948.
Length: 34.6 cm.
Number of pieces: 288.
Scale: 1/700.
  • Reference Trumpeter-TR05764
  • Brand Trumpeter
  • Product code ART0000002720
  • Recommended age from 15 year
  • Scale 1:700
  • Models' themes Second World War, British armies
  • Materials Plastic
  • Packaging dimension 40 x 14 x 5 cm
  • Weight 318 g
  • Safety Warning ! Cannot be used by children under 15 years old
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